I’m sorry to say that we’re going on hiatus. We might start up again in a few months but we haven’t decided. If you guys want a good rpg I’m suggesting Hollywood Health, I mod there too and there’s so many open roles. I’m so sorry, we love you all. -xomodmark

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Anonymous asked: Is this RP active? I was considering applying but wasn't sure with the small character line up listed. Is it just new?

It is just new sweetie no worries!

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Sam Flenderson ||21||Sexuality; Up to Player||FC: Spencer Smith || Criminology Major

Sam had a pretty decent life up until the night his parents committed genocide in the loft by hanging themselves. He was twenty when the accident happened. Sammy just didn’t understand; Everything seemed so great and normal; His mother was pregnant, His dad just got a promotion. They didn’t even leave a note. He was left with so many questions. So naturally, Sam was convinced his parent’s were murdered despite the lack of evidence.

In the fall, in the fall, when the tide took them all.

He wasn’t the same since his parent’s deaths . All of his friends noticed a change in the usually loud,fun guy to a quiet,depressive man .  He dropped off from every social media website, destroyed his cellphone and even went to so far to move all the way from Toronto,Canada to Sarasota, Florida to get his degree to find his parent’s killers.

Cut down like lambs at slaughter,good men were left for dead.❞

  • Bitter
  • Quiet
  • Compassionate 
This role is OPEN
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Danielle Lane||19||Sexuality; Up to Player||FC: Leda Muir|| Animation Major

Danielle is the pretty girl,the pretty girl who can kick some serious ass. She pulls off the rocker look while acting like one of the dudes. Danny grew up in downtown Tampa,Florida. Her mother left when she was five so  she grew up with three older brothers and her father,which explains her manly personality.

I’m another day late and one year older.

In middle school her brother introduced her to the world of animation on his laptop and she fell in love instantly. She’d always been good with drawing up until then and now she figured she could put them to life.  After winning an art festival with her killer animated film, Danny received a free full scholarship and couldn’t be more happy.

I’m a failure by design.

  • Bitchy
  • Optimistic
  • Sneaky
This role is OPEN
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Friendly reminder we do have a confession blog incase you guys want to slydig/bag eacother C:

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Gonna go to sleep. I’m expecting some applications in the morning! (pleeaaasseee)

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His blog isn’t situated yet but follow anyway

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Waking up with no applications!

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Tell you what, only one paragraph para sample today if you want to apply and we’ll write up any faceclaims anyone wants! Please apply lovelies (◕‿◕✿)


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Caleb Pierce||23||Sexuality; Up to Player||FC: Andy Biersack|| Sociology Major

Ever since Caleb was a little tyke , he was constantly questioning absolutely everything. He was always very confronting about things, about how everything worked. Caleb was very curious (and well annoying) about all the strange happenings and people around him. 

Somebody get me out of here. Anybody get me out of here!

Caleb was always seen as a people person, a frequent talker. He was so interested about people constantly, taking every chance he could get to soak in anyone else’s stories. Mostly because his life was as boring and plain. Nothing was exciting living in Lima,Ohio with two accountant parents. Caleb decided his best chance at making a career out of his love of seeing how the world works, is to take up sociology.

Somebody get me out of here, get me the fuck right out of here.

  • Easily Impressed
  • Curious
  • Sweet
  • Can come off as annoying
This role is OPEN
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Casual reminder that Mod Tom and I do understand that its slow during the summer but if you’re busy and you’re going to take breaks, please let us know first so we don’t accidently kick you out! 

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Donna Kercas ||20||Sexuality; Up to Player||FC: Emma Stone || Science Major

Donna was home-schooled her whole life. Her chemist father decided it was best  and sheltered her whole life. After her mother left off with some hunky Puerto Rican man, her father changed. He was determined to keep Donna pure and kind; The opposite of her cheating deceiving mother.

Easy for you to say,your heart has never been broken.

Donna grew up in Sarasota,Florida and first fell in love with science when her father bought her a chemistry set on her twelfth birthday. Donna learned from the best and when she turned twenty, she decided it was time to enroll at Sandstone University. Will Donna be able to take real school or fall under?

Your pride has never been stolen,not yet not yet.

  • Sweet
  • Shy
  • Sassy
This role is OPEN
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