Salem Penney||21||Sexuality; Up to Player||FC: Christofer Drew|| Music Major

Salem was born into a family of an interesting bunch of people. His mother worked at a homeless shelter, playing guitar for them. She always told Salem that he’d start kicking along to the music when she was pregnant with him. As for his father, he was part of the current war going on at the time.

"We made love tonight, in result of a fight."

A few months after Salem was born, his father was killed. His family went into debt from his family not having a solid foundation of money. Salem’s mother Jade tried providing for them by playing guitar on the streets, later on teaching Salem. Salem went throughout school playing talent shows with his wide range of instuments he could play. He managed to get a scholarship to Sanstone.

"When you put your arms around whole worlds alright."

  • Friendly
  • Grateful
  • Happy
This role is OPEN.
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